Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Data WareHouse: Whether you Buy or Buit It?

It is very difficult for the organization to decision on data warehouse. In market many data ware house is readily available , but does not fulfill your requirement
In general their are 3 choices available to obtain a datawarehoue
1.Buy it
2.Built it according to our requirement
3.Create a custom warehouse
The easier way is to buy a warehouse from market like IBM,Oracle,SAP etc ,number of option are available.The advantage of this is time saving.So it is important to check the application before buying it .
Sometime,rather to buy data warehouse fully buy a custom and reframe it accordingly.This approach involves less time,less cost and less risk than fully purchase data ware.Theoretically framework customize your need, doing this is not always easy,less expensive and fool proof.Success depend on skill and experience you have in customization.Maintenance and support is one of the major problem with framework.So never recommend the friend to go for built in option because it is very expensive,require lot of man power and many other factor influencing it.