Thursday, April 28, 2016

Evaluation parameter for pre built datawarehouse

Their are number of predefined data warehouse available in the market ,but before buying their are some factor which need to be considered and evaluated throughly.It is necessary to identify their advantages and disadvantages of each .Firstly organization need to evaluate their need and requirement of module,then based on that you need to judge the warehouse which  suits to your organization

There rare many criteria need to considered before finalize your data warehouse:-
1.Operational time-In how much time your datawarehouse will be operational?
2.Databased module used in the architecture of datawarehouse
3.Stability : Whether your stable foe longer period?
4.Metadata: It is important to see the quality of meta data used
5.Reports and analytics: It is important to see the analytic power and different type of reporting technique used  in the datawarehouse
6.Real time updating facility: check whether real time updation facility is available or not
7.ERP performance-check the erp performance on that datawarehouse
8.Service offering-See ad don facility available are beneficial to you or not
9.Technical requirement-Check the hardware requirement because it affect the overral cost directly
10.Maintenance and on line support available or not